The fringe of a Storm

I wait in anticipation on my little balcony overlooking the Pacific, wondering whether this ‘perfect storm’ that the media has hyped up over the last week will actually eventuate into anything here on the Gold Coast.

I’ll be honest in saying that some part of me was longing to see the perfect storm, almost hoping that the hellish predictions would come true and bare down on the glitter capital of Oz.  Of course, I don’t want to see people in danger, or to have property damaged, but, to witness a powerful weather event always re-instills my respect for Mother Nature, and turns my attention from the somewhat mundane tasks of life to the excitement of the sea.

Towns north of the coast did get hit with really powerful weather when Cyclone Marcia made land fall, however, here on the coast we came off rather unscathed. What we did experience though, was some of the most beautiful waves and grey skies I have seen in this part of the world. 

As you would expect — the southern points were firing and as crowded as ever, yet the beach breaks had very few out so, naturally, I focused my attention on them.  I did still take a drive down the coast to take a look at the famous super bank doing what it does best from Kirra hill.  The vibe up there was great — everyone was cheering and watching in awe of the talent in the water.

Now it’s Sunday and the swell is still steaming our way, but my mind must go to the local charger Ben Fitzpatrick who drowned while surfing the big seas, only to be revived by the bravest men out there.  Thoughts and prayers to Ben and his family for a full recovery.